If you have questions regarding the estimate, please print and send a copy of this sheet to pennington@hanover.edu along with your questions.

Charges & FeesFallWinter/SpringAnnual
Room (rate listed based on double occupancy with a/c)
General Fees
Orientation Fees
Laundry Fees
Parking Fees
Additional Charges/Fees
Total Charges & Fees
Credits & LoansYour AmountsFallWinter/SpringAnnual
Tuition/Room Deposit ($300 Upperclass Fall Credit only)
Federal SEOG
Federal Pell Grant
Hanover Scholarships/Grants
State Grants
Outside Scholarships
Other Aid/Credits (do not include work study)
Subsidized Direct Loan (amount minus automatically calculated.)
Unsubsidized Direct Loan (amount minus automatically calculated.)
PLUS Loan (amount minus automatically calculated.)
Total Credits & Loans
Total Charges & Fees
Total Credits & Loans
Remaining Balance