Hanover Campus Security Vision and Mission Statement

(.docx, 13K)
Procedure to report a crime on campus
(.docx, 14K)
Campus Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
(.docx, 14K)
Overview of Campus Alcohol, Drug and Weapons Policies.
(.docx, 14K)
A quick guide to protecting yourself.
(.pdf, 63K)
This document is a brief outline of responses for several types of emergencies.
(.pdf, 323K)
This policy outlines the procedure for reporting a missing student on campus.  If you suspect that someone is missing, contact Campus Safety at 7999.
(.pdf, 81K)

This file contains the 2019-20 Hanover College Parking rules and regulations.

(.pdf, 206K)

This is the 2019 Fire and Security Report that is a requirement of the Clery Act. 

(.pdf, 673K)