Campus Emergency Phone Locations

1. Security Building - North Porch (Red box)

2. Sorority Row Parking Lot (Blue Light Phone)

3. East of Hendricks Hall - South side of Road (White stand)

4. Parker Auditorium - East Side by Parking Lot (Blue Light Phone) 

5. Young House - (Blue Light Phone)
6. Blythe Hall - East entry (Red box)

7. Duggan Library - Outside Northwest corner (Blue Light Phone) 

8. Crowe Hall across from Brown Campus Center (Blue Light Phone)

9. Softball Field Parking Area and Freshman Overflow Lot (Blue Light Phone)

10. Coulter House sidewalk (Blue Light Phone)
11. Wiley Parking Lot (Blue Light Phone)
12. Physical Plant Employee Parking Lot (Blue Light Phone)