The cooperation, involvement and personal support of students and employees is crucial to campus safety. At Hanover College, we sincerely believe that you are the key to security. Students and employees must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and security of their belongings by taking simple, common sense precautions:

  • Do not prop open exterior doors to buildings, including residence halls.
  • Lock room doors, even when leaving for short periods of time.
  • Ask visitors to identify themselves before admitting them to the residence hall.
  • Carry room keys at all times and never loan them out to others.
  • Walk in pairs, especially when you’re going out at night.
  • Park your vehicle and keep it locked at all times; valuables should be concealed.
  • Secure your personal information (Social Security number, date of birth, ID numbers, PIN’s, passwords, etc.).
  • Report suspicious activity, circumstances, or unusual incidents to the Campus Safety Department (7999).
  • Record all serial numbers on personal electronic items.