Hanover College Sexual Misconduct Policy

It is the policy of Hanover College to comply with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination (including sexual harassment and sexual violence) based on sex in the College's educational programs and activities. Title IX also prohibits retaliation for asserting or otherwise participating in claims of sex discrimination. Hanover has designated Title IX Coordinators to coordinate Hanover's compliance with and response to inquiries concerning Title IX. A person may also file a complaint with the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights regarding an alleged violation of Title IX by visiting: the U.S. Department of Education's website or calling 1-800-421-3481.

The mission of Hanover College is to educate the whole person in a context that fosters the development of humane values. Hanover College expects that all members of the college community will conduct themselves in a responsible manner that shows respect for others and for the community at large. As a part of the larger community, Hanover College is subject to, abides by, and supports federal statutes, Indiana state statues and local ordinances regarding criminal conduct.

Hanover College is committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment conducive to the academic pursuit and healthy personal development of all students. It is the intent of the College to provide safety and support to victims of sexual misconduct. Reports of sexual misconduct will be taken seriously and incidents will be responded to appropriately and in a timely manner.

This policy strictly prohibits sexual misconduct by a student whether occurring on or off campus. Policy provisions for faculty and staff are contained in the employee handbooks. The College encourages individuals who believe they have been the victims of sexual misconduct to pursue on campus and criminal action against the alleged perpetrator