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Reporting Violations


Sexual misconduct is a crime punishable by both civil and criminal legal action. Students are strongly encouraged to report misconduct to law enforcement authorities. Sexual misconduct is also a serious violation of the College Principles, which can be found in the College Catalog and in the Student Handbook.  All members of the College Community are expected to become familiar with the College's standards and regulations.

 The College offers a variety of support services to the accuser in an incident of sexual misconduct. 

(1) If the complainant chooses to file charges with law enforcement authorities, the Office of Campus Safety will assist in helping the complainant to navigate the process. If the allegation does not result in criminal prosecution, the College offers support in understanding the results of the criminal investigation and any decisions that have been made by the prosecuting attorney. Throughout this process the support of Health Services and Counseling Services will be available to the student. The college reserves the right to pursue judicial action through campus procedures even if the case is heard in the local court system.

(2) If the complainant chooses not to file charges with law enforcement authorities, the college's Title IX will assist the student in requesting and preparing for a hearing by the Sexual Misconduct Hearing Board. Throughout this process the support of Counseling and Health Services, as well as, student  life personnel will be available to the student.

(3) If the complainant chooses not to proceed with a hearing by the Sexual Misconduct Hearing Board, the College reserves the right to proceed with a hearing on behalf of the college. Throughout this process the support of Health Services and Counseling Services will be available to the student.

In cases where the complainant and the respondent are both students procedural options will be coordinated through the Title IX Coordinator. In cases involving an employee and a student the procedural options will be coordinated through the Director of Human Resources. Nothing in these procedures is intended to preclude the Vice-President and Dean of Student Life or other College Official from taking appropriate action to ensure the safety and security of the accuser. Actions that could be taken include, but are not limited to, restricting contacts between the parties, making alternative classroom or living arrangements, or the imposition of an interim suspension. The College may take appropriate protective and administrative action even in situations where the complainant is absent.

Use of these procedures does not preclude the use of other dispute resolution options, including civil and/or criminal proceedings.


Hanover College participates in the federal student financial aid programs and is subject to the requirements of the Clery Act as well as Title IX.  To see the current Clery report:


Requesting Confidentiality From the College: How the College Will Weigh the Request and Respond. (click for full policy)

 If a victim discloses an incident to a responsible employee but wishes to maintain confidentiality or requests that no investigation into a particular incident be conducted or disciplinary action taken, the College must weigh that request against the College’s obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all students, including the victim.

If the College honors the request for confidentiality, a victim must understand that the College’s ability to meaningfully investigate the incident and pursue disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator(s) may be limited.

Although rare, there are times when the College may not be able to honor a victim’s request in order to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all students.

The College has designated the following individual(s) to evaluate requests for confidentiality once a responsible employee is on notice of alleged sexual violence:

Title IX Coordinator

Casey Heckler

Brown Campus Center 214


Student on Student Complaints


Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Shelley Preocanin

Long Administration Building 102


Complaints regarding Employees


Hanover College encourages victims of sexual violence to talk to somebody about what happened – so victims can get the support they need, and so the College can respond appropriately.

Different employees on campus have different abilities to maintain a victim’s confidentiality.


  •  Other employees may talk to a victim in confidence, and generally only report to the College that an incident occurred without revealing any personally identifying information. Disclosures to these  employees will not trigger a College investigation into an incident against the victim’s wishes.


  • Thirdly, some employees are required to report all the details of an incident (including the identities of both the victim and alleged perpetrator) to the Title IX coordinator. A report to these employees (called “responsible employees”) constitutes a report to the College – and generally obligates the College to investigate the incident and take appropriate steps to address the situation.


This policy is intended to make students aware of the various reporting and confidential disclosure options available to them – so they can make informed choices about where to turn should they become a victim of sexual violence. The College encourages victims to talk to someone identified in one or more of these groups.