Hanover College encourages victims of sexual violence to talk to somebody about what happened – so victims can get the support they need, and so the College can respond appropriately.

Different employees on campus have different abilities to maintain a victim’s confidentiality.


  •  Other employees may talk to a victim in confidence, and generally only report to the College that an incident occurred without revealing any personally identifying information. Disclosures to these  employees will not trigger a College investigation into an incident against the victim’s wishes.


  • Thirdly, some employees are required to report all the details of an incident (including the identities of both the victim and alleged perpetrator) to the Title IX coordinator. A report to these employees (called “responsible employees”) constitutes a report to the College – and generally obligates the College to investigate the incident and take appropriate steps to address the situation.


This policy is intended to make students aware of the various reporting and confidential disclosure options available to them – so they can make informed choices about where to turn should they become a victim of sexual violence. The College encourages victims to talk to someone identified in one or more of these groups.